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About Miranda

I was born in Southern California, I spent 15 years living in rural Monterey County in horse country. I am married to my charming husband David and together we have 4 kids Elleni, Remy, Weston, and Andalynn. Yes, we have a full house but it’s fun, invigorating and full of love. Of course, we have our challenging moments but overall, we are a real family with real life situations that we do our best to handle in a loving way. 

I absolutely love our animals which include a white English Labrador named Smokey, and a Quarter Horse mare named Paris and Diamonds. I am anxiously awaiting the day when I can add more animals to our brood. We’d love to have a cat, chickens, more horses and whole petting zoo but for now, we keep it simple.

 I grew up with an animal-loving mom who always brought home random animals. We had cats, a pony, angora rabbits, birds, hamsters, a turtle and more. We didn’t have a ranch or any large plot of land, but my mom found a way to make it work. Through her, I learned to love and care for all animals and now I am passing that down to my children.

Besides all the animal-loving, I am an Army veteran and also the author of the book Ride Free: From Fear to Fun. I have an Associate degree in Veterinary Technology, a Bachelor’s in Middle Eastern Studies with a minor in Religious Issues and I am working to complete my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. I am certified in Equine Facilitated Learning with the HERD Institute and I am an advocate of holistic horse keeping using herbs and essential oils as both preventative medicine and treatments for ailments. I do not discount Western medicine and will use it without doubt when necessary.

I am the CEO of Dream West and the company name is a combination of all of our first initials and then West for Weston. David, Remy, Elleni, Andalynn, Miranda = DREAM and Weston = WEST. For me, this company couldn’t run without the support of my family and so it was a natural choice to combine our initials into its name. 

I could go on and on about my life journey, what I’ve learned along it and my family history but there’s more in my book and if you come to one of my workshops, I will answer any questions you may have about it and share funny anecdotes that inevitably occur on a daily basis. I look forward to meeting you soon.