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What We Offer In Our Clinic

Each clinic offers 1-1.5 hours of introductory learning with finding your fears, share your story sisterhood, specialized equine education topics, Q&A session, and 45 min personalized instruction for each rider. There is a 1 hour break for lunch and I recommend bringing your own so you can meet new people and bond with your horse or new friends. 

You can choose to bring your horse and participate for $100 or you can choose to audit for $25. Spots are first come, first served and space is very limited so be sure to grab your spot now. 

Proof of vaccinations required for hauling in.

Host A Clinic

Do you want to host a clinic at your own facility? It’s fun to have all your friends and riding partners support you and participate too. It strengthens your bond and they can help you remember what techniques to use in the following days. If hosting a clinic seems like a fit for your situation, shoot me an email and let’s talk about it!

I am available to travel to your location and cost depends on the number of participants, auditors and distance of facility. I am happy to discuss pricing with you on a call or email. 

Private lessons are also available at my location or yours.

Remote lessons using video and calls are also an effective way to balance your fears should distance be an obstacle.

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