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Fear Free Riding October

?? We had a successful Fear Free Riding clinic with horses yesterday!

Can you tell by the mile wide smile on Kathy’s face? ?

? She hadn’t ridden in 20 years due to fear after a horse related accident. We worked on feeling into our body, breathing techniques to control our energetic output and more.

? Another rider was having fearful thoughts while mounting so we worked on that and she walked away with a plan and techniques to make mounting fun!

? Another rider was fearful around her horse not moving forward when she asked. We looked for reasons why the horse was resistant, came up with a plan and worked through her fears.

? The fourth person was fearful handling her horse. He was spooky in the barn aisle and she had anxiety around walking him through it. We looked at where his fears were coming from and how to build a stronger relationship between them so they can trust each other.

Each lady was strong and brave and I’m so honored to have worked with them. ?

They are truly inspiring souls. ?

? The next Fear Free Riding clinic will be on Nov 16th at Sundance Ranch.

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