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Dream West offers several different ways of engaging with horses.

Dream West is a small family-owned company that offers multiple ways to heal through the guidance of horses. Our desire is to share the healing power of the majestic horse with all who feel the desire to make a transformational change in their lives. The horse is non-judgmental, great at listening and offers gentle acknowledgement of your life challenges. We also specialize in turning fear into fun...if you have fear around riding or another aspect of equine handling, we can help you move forward towards accomplishing your goals.

Fear Free Riding

is a program that I created to help horse owners learn to control their fears, reconnect with their horse and ride free again. My best selling book Ride Free: From Fear to Fun formerly known as Riding Scared, has been very helpful to hundreds of riders. I wanted to expand that and I now offer both in-person and remote coaching services.

Fear Free Riding is not your average riding program. It goes beyond getting back in the saddle and addresses the fears that are preventing you from having a beautiful and trusting relationship with your best friend.

Mental blocks, trauma, lack of confidence and even our age can prevent us from saddling up and riding off. There are ways to control those thoughts and fears, to increase confidence and ride again…I would like to show you how read more..

Equine Facilitated Learning

may be what you need to help reconnect to yourself spiritually and emotionally. With the horse as your teacher and guide, you are able to discover ways of connecting to your life, handling difficult thoughts or emotions making or accepting change, or growing in confidence, all the while feeling comforted and accepted. There is no judgment from a horse, just as there is no agenda, the horse simply is and continues to be a horse. Humans learn from this simplicity by finding ways to slow down, relax and just BE. We are called human BEINGS and not human DOINGS for a reason.

In-Person Individual Coaching

can help you accomplish your equine goals, build confidence, reconnect to your horse, find your inner strength or simply find peace with your horse. Whatever challenges you may be facing, you’ll find it’s easier to do with someone supporting and guiding you through them.

Remote Coaching

uses video recordings and online meetings to assist with many different situations. From building confidence to reducing fear, remote coaching is easy and readily available. Isn’t it nice when the coach just shows up in your inbox!

Women’s Empowerment:
Becoming the Head Mare

In our society today, many women are feeling the need to build their confidence, find their inner beauty and feel fulfilled in all aspects of their lives. Women benefit greatly through equine interactions especially through the realization that a huge majestic beast is listening and following them willingly. Becoming the head mare and finding the power to lead lends itself to great empowerment within the heart and soul. The love and pure goodness of the horse assists many with finding fulfillment in their lives and the friendship found between human and horse is undeniably wonderful. Contact us today for upcoming women’s empowerment events or for one-on-one availability.